"Once, the biggest circus under canvas ruled the road.... it came in on trains, moved on flatbeds, built a city overnight, and played to hundreds the next day. In 1940’s America, we watch the final hours of the last great traveling circus.

Maria, the beautiful trapeze artist battles between her two worlds: the ground and flying. Mortello, who fell from the high wire, was injured, and now runs the show, clashes with Flashy West, heir to the ownership of the circus and a playboy millionaire who wants to be something more: the man who saves the circus from financial failure.

Only one man can own the circus. Only one man can run it. When they collide, disaster is the only possible outcome. But who will win? Who will steal the circus for themselves?

Come find out."


This piece has been in the making for over 25 years. In 1987, David Richmond, noted playwright who took Dracula to the Queen's Theatre in London, and winner of the coveted Stanley Drama Award, had a rush of inspiration and wrote the libretto for "The Man Who Stole The Circus". However, none of the music written for 'Circus' seemed to be the right match. Eventually, he shelved the libretto.

22 years later, David met Jofre Alsina, an actor-musician and musical director from Barcelona, who was inspired by the script. David decided to give it another go, and asked Jofre to compose three songs to see if they fit what he'd envisioned for the piece. Six months later, they were collaborating on a full revision and composition of "The Man Who Stole The Circus".

Four years later, Richmond and Alsina presented this new musical, produced for the very first time for one night only, at the Actor's Church in Covent Garden, London. The performance received a standing ovation and great acclaim by all the audience. Here are some of their comments:

"At the end of Act 1, I couldn't stop crying. By the end of the opening song of Act 2, I couldn't stop laughing." - Sam J.

"Better than Les Mis." - Jake N.

"The music was incredible - I didn't expect such a great show for only £10!" - Vicki A.

"How is this not in the West End already?" - Emma T.

Next Steps

Richmond and Alsina believe that this musical can be a smash-hit commercial venture not only in its own right as a musical, but also built into a full circus production. Therefore, we are looking to speak with interested circus production companies about merging the plot and original music of "The Man Who Stole The Circus" into a full circus show.

Plans are also in development to submit 'Circus' to the New York Musical Festival, which will require professional recordings and a great deal of fundraising. All parties interested in helping us achieve this aim are welcome to contact us.